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The Goods


You need to feel good. And that’s what fashion is all about. Fashion allows a woman’s style and personal genius to shine.


If you’ve got some important gifting to take care of, but you’re not sure what to do, our attentive staff will help you choose a thoughtful, intelligent, or witty gift that will fit your sensibilities and budget.


Jewelry is an easy way to update your look without spending a lot of money, and it’s also a wonderful gift for someone you really care about. Jewelry is so much a part of our personal expression.


We have a wide variety of baby gifts and toys for children available at our store in Boulder, Colorado.
What a great store that has had a great reputation in the Boulder community for decades. Great products and very willing to support causes in the community like our annual Celebrate Health at eTown Hall fundraiser to improve health to rural Tanzanians!
Maji Safi Group

Jacque Michelle is like a little oasis of color, texture, beauty and humor. I have trouble staying focused when I enter the shop. They have lovely jewelry, bags and clothes, in addition to fun cards and gifts. It’s a surprisingly great place to find the perfect gift for a tween!

M. B. | Boulder, CO

I can never go into Jacque Michelle without spending half an hour checking out every little unique gift, card, book, blouse, scarf, and necklace! I’ve found so many unusual presents for friends and their staff is so friendly and helpful!

E. N. | Boulder, CO

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